Happy Birthday Canada!

It’s Monday, July 1, 2013, here in London, Ontario and we know what that means, Canada Day!

The kids are out of school, most of us have the day off and I don’t know about you, but I’m craving a Molson.

On this day, 146 years ago, three colonies were united into one country, Canada. Ever since then, cookouts, fireworks, and general revelry take place on this day to celebrate that very special occasion. No matter where you go in this lovely city of ours today, there are no exceptions to that rule.

Canada Day celebrations come in forms and sizes. From the backyard BBQ to the festivals happening around Forks of the Thames, Londoners are taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and friendly atmosphere.

There are so many events today going on around London, it would be too hard to list them all. So let me draw your attention to a few of the great activities going on today.

Port Stanley CanFest

Head on down to the shore and soak up the rays with this awesome festival! Great fun for the whole family with loads of live music, cardboard boat races, pony rides, BBQ and even kids treasure hunt! At the end of the evening, they will be showing “OZ ~ The Great and Powerful” on the beach! How often do you get to watch a movie on the beach?

Harris Park

Everything kicks off at noon, with a giant Canada birthday cake, dancing, music, and of course the awesome firework display at 10:00 pm. Personally, I would end the day here because of the fireworks, but it’s hard to pass up the cake around 2:30 pm!

The Canada Day Celebration In South London

From 2 – 10 pm, you and the whole family can have a blast! There will be live entertainment, inflatable rides, local and international food, fire trucks, a free wading pool with lifeguards, finger painting, and of course, fireworks!

They’re even going to be having a stunt dog show to start things off with. How cool is that??

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but these are some noteworthy events going on today around town. I encourage you and yours to get out in the beautiful weather, soak up some sunshine and Canadian goodness.

Whether you stay in the backyard or go to one of the amazing events going on around town, enjoy yourself. Enjoy summer. Enjoy our wonderful country!

One last note, while you are enjoying your Canada Day, please remember to clean up after yourselves. We don’t want pest control problems in this great city of ours.

Happy Birthday Canada!