Mid-America Truck Show To Bring In Hundreds Of Tourists

Held every year in Louisville, KY the Mid-America truck show is the perfect chance for manufacturers to show off their new products and for tourists and truckers to see what is about to come on the market over the course of the next 12 months.

The show has been going steady since the 1970s and is one of the largest in the country. Indeed it seems thousands of visitors descend on the city every year and it runs annually at the end of March. One area that has seen massive growth and increased exposure at the truck show every year has been truck wheels and in 2014 new BMF Wheels are expected to be on show.

While the event has grown massively in the last decade or so to one of the biggest in the country it has still tried to remain personal and intimate. Manufacturing representatives and high-level employees tend to be approachable at the event which is a marked difference from normal expos.

For tourists heading to the event for the first time then the Mid-American Truck Show is very accessible from virtually all parts of the country as well as internationally too. It is served by the Louisville International Airport (SDF) which is only a few miles away from where the show is held so regardless of whether you are coming from within the state or outside the country it is easy to get to.

Indeed the event has seen a large increase in tourists in recent years and many come from outside the USA. The awareness of the growth of the event has undoubtedly given rise to this and while many are business tourists in the sense that they work in the trucking industry, some simply come along for expo which features a whole host of different events besides the showcasing of new products.

The Mid-America Truck Show is a representation of the increase in this kind of event and the rise of tourists in general across the country. While a couple of decades ago these events were very much confined to those who were working in the industry and even for those people just in the locale however now they have become international tourist attractions. Even though you can’t just turn up without first having to register the process is easy and straightforward.

It is expected that the 2014 Mid-America Truck Show is going to be one of the biggest yet in the expo’s history. Not just for the number of manufacturers and leading names that are attending and events that are happening but for the number of tourists who are going to descend on Louisville. In fact, it is expected that the city is going to benefit greatly from hosting the event with hotels already booked out in many places and bars and restaurants already sorting out extra hours to suit demand.

The city might not be a hub for tourism in general however every year the end of May certainly is. With the event expected to grow again in 2015 and beyond it looks as if the city of Louisville is just another location that is benefiting from increased tourism across the country.