So What Part of Town Should You Stay In?

As cities go, London Ontario isn’t very big so wherever you stay you will be able to visit any areas of interest you like. Travel is good, with 38 well-planned bus routes which link up really well. We like cycling and with cycleways alongside many of the main roads, getting about is pretty easy. Here in London, we have lots of the top chain hotels and these are scattered across the city.

Although some complain that these can be a bit soulless and lacking in. But not only do you know exactly what you will find when you open the door to your room, but you also have the confidence that staff is well trained and that the rooms are properly maintained.

If you prefer bed and breakfasts London has got some amazingly good ones,  starting, perhaps with the Inn-chanted Forest B&B right on the edge of Gibbons Park and a stone’s throw from the river. We’ve never stayed there (that would be a bit cranky, even for the Cross family) but friends have been over to stay and can’t say enough good things about it. If you would prefer something more central, then the Dufferin House is the one for you, just off Queen’s Avenue in Central London.

Just down the road from Dufferin House is the Woodfield B&B which comes highly recommended by my Uncle Tom, staying over when he was visiting my Mom and Dad last year. He’s a bit of a tricky guest as he likes to look for things to complain about but he couldn’t find a thing. He had to complain about my Dad’s painting of the garage doors instead but the Woodfield had him stumped!

I started this blog post intending to give the visitor suggestions as to where they should stay when they come to London Ontario but I immediately saw the problem there. There aren’t many places here where I wouldn’t like to stay, because the whole city is great – there are so many places to see and things to do all you need is a flatbed, some nice soft pillows.

You’ll be so tired out from all your sightseeing, you won’t notice where you are at all!