3 Tips for Keeping Fit as a Tourist

When it’s that summery time of year, and you’re ready to go on holiday for a time of relaxation and loosening up – it can be mighty difficult to stick to your diet!

As a personal trainer, I see first-hand how many of my clients struggle to keep off the pounds they worked so hard to lose before they went on holiday or vacation.  A changing environment, without our familiar routines – combined with increased alcohol consumption, poor food choices, and lack of exercise quickly undoes our hard work in the gym!

Here are three quick and simple ways to break out of this pattern whilst visiting London or any popular holiday destination.

1. Get on top of the food situation!

While you are a tourist in a different location, your need for calories will quite likely go up (changes to the weather and walking more often than normal can actually be a positive thing for your figure!). Of course, this is often offset by the fact that you’ll eat out more frequently than usual.

So – before you head off to your amazing vacation or holiday, it can really help to research the items that will be available to keep you from making poor food choices while you are on your vacation or holiday.

If that’s not practical, talk with staff at your hotel or any local to find a local grocery store. Make sure you stock up on inexpensive snacks that are going to keep you satisfied between bigger meals so that you do not grab greasy impulse buys while you are trekking between sites and various points of interest.

Moderation is the key to maintaining; therefore, if you want to engulf yourself into the culture but you do not want to risk the calories or putting on pounds then you can taste the food of the culture, and then move on to healthier meals.

2. Get on top of the alcohol situation!

I won’t fight the losing battle of asking you to go tee-total! However, the second big tip to keeping fit as a tourist is to factor alcohol consumption into your caloric intake for the day.

Most of us like to drink a couple of adult beverages on a regular basis whilst unwinding on vacation.  However, even though they are drinks you must factor in the calories to your diet plan.  Alcohol is typically high in sugars, and calories and you have to craft your meals around the amount of alcohol you plan on consuming with them.

Otherwise, you can easily double your caloric intake without even noticing it.

3. Why not fit in a little exercise?

Since you’re on holiday, why not use the extra time to begin your day with a gentle workout. The endorphins and feel-good factor this will generate will spill over into the rest of your day!

It’s normally better to get up nice and early to exercise before you start your day off.  If you wait to exercise until later in the day, the chances of your getting too busy or talking yourself out of it are higher than if you just got it over within the morning.

This will get you up and make your heart rate increase early in the day to give you the energy that you need to make it through a long day of sightseeing and adventures.

Bonus tip!

Holidays combined with moderate exercise and (just a little!) restraint at the dining room table will dramatically reduce your stress levels and leave you feeling relaxed and happier than ever.  Focus on reducing your stress levels and everything else will fall into place…

This article was contributed by Bri Chalmers – a personal trainer based in Melbourne, Australia. A New Zealander by birth, she works with clients who are keen to develop their fitness through an emphasis on great nutrition and an active, outdoor lifestyle.