Catching a Show and a Night on the Town

As a family, we love going out to a show or film – sometimes we grab a bite to eat afterward or if we are in the mood to forget we are very sensible parents of two, Wendy and I like to go on to a club instead. London has some great theatres but we particularly like live music and we sometimes go to the Centennial Hall on Wellington Street. They host a load of bands I hesitate to designate ‘tribute’ bands because that sounds like people copying others – these guys have a lot of styles and you can have a great evening knowing the music will be something you like.

Orchestra London also plays there regularly and this is certainly something not to miss. Whether you like classical music or show-tunes, opera or modern classics, the Orchestra London will be playing something you like soon. We love to take potluck and have never been disappointed.

The Grand Theatre is a big favourite with us as well, with shows from comedy to dance. You can choose from the Mainstage and the McManus and there are local performers as well as traveling repertory companies so you will find something you like. We sometimes take the kids to one of their performances for young audiences – Wendy and I think that children need to experience live theatre as well as film.

Are you like us, getting increasingly fed up with chattering, snacking audiences in cinemas? We need to remember what it is like to sit quietly and watch for a change. We also love the Aeolian Hall – the events there are great and for folk fans, there is always something worth watching.

When I manage to persuade Wendy that what she really needs is to watch a game at the John Labatt Centre at Budweiser Gardens, we like to start the evening (and end it as well, sometimes, if I need to drown my sorrows when my team has lost) at the Robinson Hall just across the street.

She has been known to convince me that dance is a good idea, but for the safety of people within arms’ length, we try not to do that too often. There are embarrassing photos of me dancing, but, believe me, they won’t be appearing here anytime soon.