Enjoying a Motorcycle Ride in London, Ontario

Nothing is more exhilarating than riding a motorcycle.  The fresh air on your face and blowing through your hair cannot be matched by any other mode of transportation.  Life just does not get any better than that.  London, Ontario has significant offerings to both novice and skilled riders and is a quick ride from big cities like Toronto and Detroit.  Things like That being said, motorcycle riders need to be careful when riding to ensure their safety.  Safely riding your motorcycle includes a variety of things including having the proper motorcycle insurance, riding in a group, and ensuring that you have the right skills necessary to ride.

Motorcycle insurance is a very complex subject that people tend to just assume is going to provide coverage for all incidents.   One of my friends, Steven Stern, who is an avid motorcycle rider and who understands the ins and outs of motorcycles recently wrote an in-depth article about motorcycle insurance in Canada which is a must-read for both novice and experienced riders.  Click here for more information.

While riding alone is a great way to enjoy experiences on your own, it can get rather lonely on the open road all along.  In fact, many riders that ride alone regularly will normally not ride as much as those individuals that have friends with whom they can ride.  If you do not have many friends that ride, there is another alternative available to you.  You can become part of a motorcycle group.  I am not talking about a motorcycle gang like the Hells Angels or the Mongols.  Additionally, we are not expecting to see you on the next episode of the “Sons of Anarchy”.  The motorcycle groups that we are speaking about are just a group of enthusiasts that get together on a regular basis and go for rides together.  While there might not be a London, Ontario-based motorcycle group, there are many groups in Toronto that are not that far away.  These individuals have a few things in common; a love of motorcycles, a love of being out on the open road, and true respect and love for others with motorcycles.  What more could one ask for!

The final part of making sure that your motorcycle ride is enjoyable and memorable is to make sure you have the right skills.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  You can have a mentor that provides you with in-depth instruction on how to ride.  The pros of this method are that it is free except for fuel.  The cons about this are that this person might impart bad skills that have developed over time which leads to you also using these bad skills.  The better alternative is to learn at a motorcycle safety course.  These courses are taught by certified instructors who have an outlined plan for training on all subjects from balance, starting the motorcycle, and turning corners all the way to advanced topics such as highway driving, night driving, and overall safety on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle riding in London, Ontario can be fun, exhilarating and a downright good time, but doing it safely should be your largest goal.  Keeping the three items discussed above in mind at all times will give you the confidence to ride and enjoy all that London and the surrounding area have to offer.