Firearms Laws In London, Ontario Canada

The first thing to consider when taking on the hunting trip of your life is to eliminate the stress involved in traveling. The loss of or missing documentation can throw your entire schedule off. You can alleviate some of the stress of customs if you prepare yourself for the trip knowing what firearms they allow and what they do not. The category of firearms includes bows, crossbows, pellet guns, and air guns. Ontario allows for semi-automatic guns for hunting as well as other repeating firearms. Fully automatic and handguns are not permitted in Ontario.

In order to bring your gun into Ontario, you will have to declare it at your time of entry to the province. Upon entry, customs will provide you with the proper documentation to fill out for your declaration, which is then valid for 60 days. You may also obtain this documentation through the Canadian firearms website.

If your plan is to borrow a firearm from a resident of Ontario for your hunting trip, you are still required to apply for a 60-day non-resident Possession License in advance of your arrival to Canada. This application is easy to fill out and is available on the website for the Canadian Firearms Centre.

After clearing customs, there are a few more laws and stipulations that you need to be aware of so that your trip goes smoothly. You cannot bring in the prohibited firearms as well as silencers or replica firearms. If you procure a permit in advance for Authorization to Transport (ATT) from the chief firearms officer for restricted firearms, they may be imported. It’s also important to make sure that your firearms are properly secured in a fingerprint gun safe.

The last thing to be aware of concerning the firearms laws in London, Ontario Canada is the firearm class regulations. These laws govern the class and types of ammunition for hunting big game and migratory birds. When hunting birds, hunters can only shoot a non-toxic shot in their ammunition. It is necessary for any prospective hunter to visit the website to learn the specifics of the type of ammunition that they allow for each specific type of game.

When planning a hunting trip to Canada, it is wise to investigate the firearms laws in London, Ontario Canada for the latest on the laws and regulations. Depending on what your targeted game is, you will need to obtain permits for your importing and use of firearms in Canada. To ensure that your experience starts out on a high note, it is important to take care of the most important components of your trip-your firearm and ammo.