Fun Venues for Eating out in London

katana kafeEating out in London has something for everyone and I hope this short piece will give you some ideas. Friends of ours with daughters keep telling me that Sarah is coming up to the age when all little girls turn vegetarian, at least for a while.

As we wait for that to happen, we make the most of our meat-eating nights out and so we always head for Schmokey Rob & Sons Southern Eatery where the barbecue is out of this world. The prices are real family-friendly stuff too but take care – the place isn’t very big so you need to get there early. You’ll find it on Oxford Street West.

The kids love Katan Kafe near the airport – you can watch the cooks do their stuff as well as watch the planes, so with a son and a daughter I can truly say it ticks all the boxes. As far as the food goes, it’s terrific. The menu includes some old favorites from various world cuisines as well as some new takes you might like to try – and when Sarah hits the Veggie Stage, the risottos and breads will keep her happy!

When we have guests from outside Canada we love to take them to Windermere’s Cafe because they serve excellent trad Canadian food, which is harder to find than you’d imagine. Everyone who has ever visited Canada raves (quite rightly, he adds proudly!) about our breakfasts and the Windermere does one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever eat.

If you only have room for one thing when you are at Windermere’s Cafe, then have the homemade donuts! You’ll never forget them.

Just once in a while, Wendy and I have a romantic night out, kids with the grandparents, and no rush to get home. Then we head to either the Zen Gardens for Chinese or the Raja for a fabulous Indian meal.

Although we have brought the children up to be pretty adventurous eaters, they are not quite ready for a full-on meal at either of these places yet and the best thing is the food here encourages you to linger, picking the last lovely bits off the plates. The fabulous ambiance and good prices at both places – find Zen on Dundas Street, the Raja on Clarence Street.

I’m really hungry now – I think I’ll round up Wendy and the kids and we’ll go out to eat tonight!