Locals from London are starting to carry Spearguns for Sale?

Many local residents are shocked to see that a new water sport is taking London by storm and suddenly shops that have Spearguns for sale are popping up all over the place. It’s called Spearfishing and many are surprised you can do it right in their own backyard.   Better yet, tourist from the interior of Canada is flowing into freediving and spear both Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.

Lots of people are falling in love with the physical challenges that this sport provides. Many are happy to report that they are losing lots of weight and making friends from their newfound hobby. We sat down with the owner of Justspearfishing.com, a man who prefers to go by his first name Scott and asked him to explain what has been happening with this new sport.

According to Scott, the sport has actually been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  It dates back to the primal man and has been a competitive sport for years in Europe. Now it is making its way to North American and it is making a big splash. In the past many thought you had to go to the open sea or warm weather places to Spearfish. This could not be any further from the truth. Apparently, many of his customers live all over the United States and Canada, including some places you would never think of such as Wisconsin, USA.

However, do not be surprised if you have to be a bit bold to really catch the big fish. Many locals will actually wait for the ice to freeze over, break holes in the ice, set lines to find their way back, followed by diving in and coming back with dinner.

Wondering how they dive in such cold conditions? Well, it’s easy, they wear new and advance spearfishing wetsuits that are available in his store in a number of different thicknesses.  The reason why you can dive in this type of cold weather is that they actually do not come with any zippers. This way the water gets into the suit and stays in. In older or fewer advanced suits, the water will actually flow in and out of the suit. This means you’ll be constantly washed with freezing cold water.

Another tool of the trade worth mentioning is what you will need to catch those fish. As you may have guessed Spearguns for sale from Just Spearfishing are also available for purchase.  If you do decide to get one for the local fishing spot, Scott recommends one that is only around 75cm-100cm in length. The reason for this is that you do not need guns that are intended for open-water fishing. Mainly because the visibility is often not as clear in the lakes compared to that of the deep ocean.

Scott also quickly pointed out that Spearfishing off the cost in our lakes has one key advantage. You do not have to worry about shark attacks or one of them stealing your catch. Frankly, after that comment, this writer is not sure she could ever Spearfish anywhere else.