The City of London in Ontario, Canada – Fun to Visit, Hard to Leave

Visiting London

London offers countless opportunities for visitors. Located between Lake Huron to the west and Lake Erie to the east, London is considered an international center of scientific research, cultural activity, and higher education. In addition to a variety of parks, London is home to a number of festivals each year, including the second-largest barbecue rib festival in North America, The London Rib-Fest. Other festivals include the second-largest music festival in Canada, Sunfest. Additional opportunities for music appreciation exist in the London Youth Symphony and Orchestra London. Culture by way of museums includes the Museum of Ontario Archeology and the London Regional Children’s museum. If sports are your passion, London is the right place. Sports with teams playing in London include hockey, baseball, football, and the oldest active professional soccer franchise in North America.

When I visited London three years ago, one of my favorite destinations was the Skah-Nah-Doht Iroquoain Museum, which has recreated an Indian village. Immerse yourself in Tenth through Twelfth Century Indian village life. My other favorite was the Simcoe Street Brewery Tour of Labatte Brewery, which included a knowledgeable and informative guide and (hooray!) samples.

After my trip to London, I knew it was my new home. The opportunities for culture, the farmer’s markets, the green spaces throughout the area … as silly as it sounds, the city resonated within my soul. All that was left was to choose somewhere to live and immigrate from the United States. After spending around a year getting ready for the move, with the help of an attorney well-versed in the process of moving to another country, I was finally ready to take the big leap of moving not just across the state, but across the country lines.

London as Home

I’ve bought homes before, but never in a new country with a currency I wasn’t entirely comfortable with yet. I found a real estate company offering an abundance of services to me, the ex-pat. With Shelly, the agent, providing invaluable assistance, I was able to target a budget for my new home. She also helped me narrow down neighborhoods by my criteria – close to green space, shopping and dining within walking distance, and a yard for gardening.

After finding the perfect home in the perfect location, we even negotiated a six-month rental prior to purchase to ensure that I was happy with my choice. That time also allowed me to investigate the home and any repairs that needed to be made, including new Truth window hardware from

Three years since my first visit to London, I am now a home-owning resident. I’ve continued my freelance writing career without interruption and settled into my new home. I can walk or bike to shopping, restaurants, parks, the Thames River, and even a few bars now and then. The city of London is fun to visit and hard to leave, with opportunities for music, museums, festivals, and lakeshore strolling around every corner.