Three Careers for Experiencing the World’s Best Cities While Working

If you’re a regular traveler or you’d like to be, and you have a bit of a taste for city life, then there are numerous ways that you can build a career around visiting the world’s best major cities. Whether it’s London, Ontario, or London, Great Britain, with a few clever career choices you can make sure that you’re living the traveling life in no time. There’s also absolutely no need for you to travel in any kind of discomfort either.

With that in mind, what kind of career choices are available? Remember, it’s always worth being absolutely clear about where your passion is and where you want to travel. If you can marry these two different aims then you’re set for an incredibly satisfying working life.

Flight Attendant: This is an obvious one. It involves regular travel all over the world and, since airports tend to be in major hubs, also means that you will mainly be visiting cities. The airline industry is a massive one and there are always jobs coming available, so it’s worth immersing yourself in the publications and websites advertising this kind of job.

The other fantastic thing about working for an airline is that it often involves visiting smaller cities that you might not have otherwise planned to see. Out little city of London, for example, is serviced by the London International Airport and numerous airline companies offer both national and international flights. For more flight attendant tips you can click here. With the right personality and a genuine desire to experience the world’s different cultures, this kind of career can be an incredibly fulfilling one.

Archaeologist: People commonly think of archaeologists as excavating the ruins of ancient cultures. The typical idea is of someone who works in far out and remote places. Whilst this is true to some extent, what a lot of people don’t realize is that archaeologists tend to spend a lot of time in cities, where they need to be involved in the research departments of universities and work with museums and other institutions in relation to their excavations. There is also, very often, archaeological research that goes on in and around major cities themselves.

This kind of career can involve a deeply intriguing blend of travel and cultural research. One of the reasons that most people travel is to experience different cultures across the world. The ability to fulfill this interest is perhaps most available in a career as an archaeologist.

Teacher: Having a career as a traveling teacher is one that involves a large amount of freedom. It’s not as secure as others, but in terms of independence and availability, it has few equals. It’s very easy to get qualified (the process usually involves little more than a short course) and there is a significant demand, especially in developing Asian countries that place the English language in high regard. You can pretty much set your own travel plan and it will usually involve six months to year-long stays in major cities and towns.