Visalia – A City Worth Visiting

California is indeed one rich state in the US, housing a mix of culture, modernization, friendly and hospitable people, and everything in between. But there’s one city in Cali that shouldn’t be scratched off your to-visit bucket list – Visalia. Settled in the agricultural valley of San Joaquin, Visalia is one of the most enriched and well-balanced places in California. Housing 124,442 people according to a 2010 census, this place is not only filled with crops, greens, and fresh fruits and vegetables but it’s also home to many artists, making it a peaceful place bursting with creativity.

Laidback yet bustling, the main street in the city proper is filled with eateries, restos and all sorts of places where you can stop by for a couple of minutes to fill in your tummy. The famous Fox Theater is also there which serves as one of the common attractions in the heart of the city. What’s great about the place is that people don’t really like to just stay at home, be couch potatoes and watch TV day and night. During spring, fall, and summer nights, you will find lots of people either strolling in the streets and dining in upscale or casual eateries or heading to a specific place to set up and play their music. Speaking of music, Visalia is not a one-rhythm place; it houses various local musicians from Jazz players to rock ‘n roll bands. Plus, it’s a much-disciplined city with a curfew on beer and wine.

Museums, parks, and other recreational areas are also sprouting everywhere. In fact, many liposuction Visalia-based specialists are being welcomed and most lipo clinics in the place are visited not only by the locals but also tourists who have checked the website and discovered that there are many highly reputable health experts in the place. Moreover, Visalia also boasts the ImagineU Interactive Children’s Museum filled with fun exhibits that will surely tickle your child’s playful mind. It’s also open to catering parties thus if you’re planning to celebrate your child’s birthday in this city, the ImagineU is definitely the place to be. There’s also the Visalia Adventure Park if you want something for the teens and the grownups. Although there are activities for the kids, most of their attractions are for teenagers like laser tag, miniature golf, arcade, and bumper boats.

This economically successful city is also the home to many art galleries, one of which is the Arts Visalia in East Oak Avenue. It showcases and displays various paintings done by adults and kids. It also offers art programs for artists at the heart of all ages. Aside from Arts Visalia, there’s also the garden street studio, perfect for all who want to be creative and be one with nature. Mosaic, jewelry making, and many other mixed media arts are supported in this place and it’s truly a must-visit spot in the city. So if you want to enhance your child’s creativity or if you want to simply enjoy sipping coffee and listening to various music, Visalia California is one tourism spot that won’t fail you.