We’ve Got Those Itchy Feet Again…

After the fantastic time we had on our last vacation down in Cuba earlier in the year, and Wendy have been thinking about where we can go next. Work is pretty good for both of us at the moment so we have been thinking about splashing out on something a little bit special, perhaps in a different part of the Caribbean this time.

The Internet is a wonderful thing of course and provides plenty of inspiration and exciting potential destinations to enjoy. However, one of the most interesting companies we have found so far is called LaCure. This company specializes in really high-quality vacation rentals and villas all over the world but has a really great selection in the Caribbean. One place that really caught our eye was Turks and Caicos; neither of us has ever been there before, but just the exotic name makes us want to get our swimsuits out. You can see here the kind of awesome villas they have available.

The thing is, I think we’re a little bit too spoilt for choice at the moment, and given that Turks and Caicos are right next doors to Cuba, I think we should spread our wings a little bit further this time. One incredible-looking destination that Wendy found the other night is St. Barths. This is a tiny little island closer to Anguilla and Saint Kitts and Nevis. I’ve always wanted to go to a genuine paradise island, and some of the St. Barth’s luxury villas really seem to fit the bill.

Something else came to mind for me and Wendy; despite the fact that we loved our holiday in Cuba with the kids, there must be a little bit of romance left in us as we have both been thinking about getting away with just the two of us. I really don’t know what the kids would make of this, what with them being left behind in London, Ontario, especially if we take a winter break in the Caribbean sunshine, leaving them in the snow and wind!

I’m sure we could make it up to them in other ways, and they’re even getting old enough now to understand that it would be nice for me and Wendy to have some time to ourselves. Meanwhile, the weather in London, Ontario is actually pretty great at the moment. The temperature has been consistently in the mid-70s Fahrenheit this week, despite a few showers here and there. It’s times like this when you realize that London has a lot going for it, as I’ve always preferred places which benefit from four distinct seasons as we have here.

I can’t imagine living somewhere like the Caribbean all year round. Sure, cocktails on the beach and splashing around in beautiful blue seas has plenty going for it, but I know I’d get a little bit tired of it after a while. I love the city and all the people I know in it, so I think a couple of vacations a year is the way to go.