Welcome to LondonTopic.ca – your fun and friendly guide to visiting and having a great time in London, Ontario.

My name is Richard Cross, I’m London-born and bred and work as a freelance direct response copywriter from my home office.  And together with my wife, Wendy, and our kids, Sarah (10 years old) and Raymond (8 years old) are happy to be at your service!

The purpose of this blog is very simple – to introduce you to the many wonderful things you can do and see in this beautiful city of ours – whether your stay is just for a few days or for a much longer time.

The idea for the blog came from Sarah (who in reality is going on 25 years old).  A cousin of mine, Bob, who I had not seen for some 15 or so years,  visited us for a couple of weeks from Yorkshire, England and he insisted on ‘doing stuff and seeing stuff’.  And as a direct result of his visit, I realized what a great city London really is.

Anyway, after Bob had left, one evening over dinner, Sarah suggested that I “start a topical blog to help other people like Uncle Bob enjoy themselves when they come and visit London.” I said I’d think about it. The next evening, she told me that the domain LondonTopic.ca was available and I should go to Godaddy and sign it up before someone else does.  Yes boss!

And so here we are.

If you are already in London, be sure to have a nice day. And if not, we look forward to seeing you soon.

This site is not about things like obtaining visas for your travel, where to change your money etc. There are plenty of online resources for this kind of thing.

However, if you’re up for a fun and relaxing time, our museums, music events, galleries, theaters, spectacular parklands, sports and recreational events, spas, retails shops, fine dining, and other goodies await you.

Take care.

Richard (and family)

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