Decent Hotels for a Smooth Trip

Hotel headerThere is plenty to do in Ontario and finding decent hotels in Edmonton can make sure your trip is smooth. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than a bad stay at a hotel. If you want to read more specifically about hotels in Edmonton click here. If you enjoy visiting London, Ontario, you will love visiting Edmonton. If you love hockey, you will love visiting Edmonton. If you like the night life, you will love visiting Edmonton. If you have a family, you will love visiting Edmonton. Continue Reading →

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Must See And Do Things While Visiting London Ontario

Welcome to London, Ontario – your perfect destination for a fun and relaxing time! In this welcome post,I hope to introduce  you to some the many delights that London has to offer.

(If you’re interested who I am and how this blog started you can read the full story here)

For those who are interested in the detailed history of London, Soutwestern Ontario, Canada, you’ll get a great lesson by heading over to,_Ontario

OK. Buckle your seats belts and let’s get to work… Continue Reading →

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Let’s Talk About London, Ontario

London, Ontario is one of the best cities in Canada. Sure, it might not be as popular as Toronto, Ottawa, or most other big cities, but London is a great place for tourists to visit. And as for those who want to live in an entirely new place, the city also offers a lot of attractive things. In this post, I am going to talk about some of the things that make London such a great place. By doing so, I hope to at least convince my readers to visit London at least once in their lives.

What exactly makes London, Ontario such a great place? There are actually many things that make London so amazing. For one, there’s the fact that it offers so many job opportunities to both locals and immigrants. Although the current job market is terrible, London is actually unfazed by it. No matter what field you work in, you will most likely find rewarding work here in London.

One of the many people who have benefited from London’s amazing job opportunities is Landon Smith. Landon Smith used to work as a bookkeeper in Toronto.  As a bookkeeper Toronto citizens trusted, he had a very busy schedule back in the city. Still, he decided he wanted to live in a much smaller town. He didn’t want to experience a decrease in the number of clients though, so he decided to move to London. As expected, he still earns as much as he did in Toronto, and it’s because he still has a large clientele in London. He has actually made a name for himself in London already, and it’s because he offers the most amazing bookkeeping help for small business owners.

Of course, job opportunities aren’t the only thing that makes London such a great place. Another thing that makes London such a great place is its culture. Despite being a relatively small city, London boasts so many amazing cultural and educational institutions, in addition to having a very educated community. Those who want to be able to enjoy the slow-paced, intimate nature of country life whilst still being able to the culture of a big city should definitely consider moving to London. London strikes an amazing balance between the two. Should nothing drastic and bad happen, we can reasonably expect London to play a much larger role in Canadian culture in the coming decades.

There are many other things that make London, Ontario such an amazing place. Most of these things are better experienced than talked about, however. If you want to really grasp the very things that make London such an amazing place, I highly suggest that you pay the city a visit. Like I said, there are many cultural institutions that make London such a great place. Even if you don’t find anything in the city that will make you want to permanently move there, you will still be able to enjoy the experience these cultural institutions have to offer. Trust me, you will not get disappointed by the London experience.

A Few Things You Need to Know About London, Ontario

London, Ontario is one of the best cities in Canada. Those who want to make a move to a city that allows for a more relaxed pace of living whilst still being urban should definitely consider London as one of their top choices. In this post, I am going to talk about some of the things that make London such a great place to live in.

One of London, Ontario’s defining characteristics is the fact that it has so many high-quality educational institutions. Much of the London’s population is highly educated. Anyone who would like to live in a community that is highly educated and has a taste for culture would do well to consider living in London. The best part is that unlike other areas that place a great emphasis on education and culture, living in London isn’t actually expensive. Most people would say that London is actually a very cheap place to live in. So if you’ve got a taste for culture but don’t want to live in a city that is too expensive, you really should consider moving to London.

Another thing that makes London such a great place to live in is the fact that building a home in the city is easier and much more affordable. When it comes to plumbing problems, for one, new homeowners can ensure that their home is properly serviced at a very affordable price. This is because there are many licensed and certified plumbers in the city who are more than willing to offer their services at a discounted price. Whether they’re dealing with common plumbing problems such as water leakages or drainage problems, or more complicated ones, London citizens can be sure that the typical London plumber can take great care of it. Fortunately for homeowners, other home improvement services are also very affordable in London.

“My name is Ashley Bennington, and I moved to London, Ontario about five months ago. I really love my life here. It is the best place I have ever lived in. The place strikes a delicate balance between being an intimate suburban area and being an urban area that offers residents the finest things in life. It’s really amazing. Of course, I shouldn’t forget to mention that living here is very cheap. Recently, I encountered a severe drainage problem. I didn’t think of hiring a plumber at first because of the expenses, but my problem reached a point where I really had to hire one. So I called a local plumber and was amazed when I found out that they offered their services at really affordable rates. I can say that I was delightfully surprised. I highly recommend London, Ontario to people who are looking for a change of pace and are more than willing to move out of their current place of residence,” Bennington told us.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to both those who just want to have a vacation outside the city and to those who are planning to move away from their current place of residence. London, Ontario has a lot to offer to both. Should you decide to move here, I guarantee you that you won’t ever regret your decision. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has.

Some Things You Need to Know About London, Ontario

London, Ontario is one of the best cities in the entire country. There are many reasons why it’s gaining popularity both among tourists and those who want start fresh. In this post, I am going to go over these reasons. Whatever your reason is for being curious about London, I hope what I write here will prove useful to you.

London is a relatively small city in Ontario. Despite this, it offers a lot of the things bigger cities do. For some people, most of the things London offers actually even prove to be better. First of all, there’s education. When it comes to education, London can hold its own against the more popular cities of the country. It has universities and colleges that offer amazing education to everyone. This is actually the reason why London’s community is very educated. If you want to live in a community where education is greatly valued, you would do well to consider moving to London.

Of course, education isn’t the only thing that London has going for it. One other thing that makes London such a great city is its amazing culture and arts community. The city often holds many amazing events that attract lovers of culture and art from the city and other places. If you are the sort of person who enjoys always being in-the-know and loves being exposed to new cultural experiences, you will definitely find a great home in London.

Education, culture, and arts are just three things that London has to offer to everyone. If these three things alone have made you decide to move here, then it’s time for me to tell you that you might have to spend a lot of money during your first few months in London. Of course, the same can be said with regard to moving to any other place. Whatever the case may be, you have to be financially prepared for your move. Luckily, you don’t have to be that well off to prepare for such a move. Today, you can just deal with Banc de Binary options and you’ll be financially set for a move to Banc de Binary. Many people who need money to move to other places choose to create binary options trading accounts with Banc de Binary, and I’m here to go over the reasons why they do so.

First of all, Banc de Binary offers people access to so many underlying assets from all over the world at any time. For this reason, people can make amazing trades with them without having to wait for certain trading times. In addition to this, Banc de Binary offers clients so many amazing bonuses. This is really helpful for people who want to build their fund for moving really fast. Even just signing up for an account at Banc de Binary already nets people a 100% bonus. I’m sure this post of mine will get some people to consider moving to London, Ontario. With Banc de Binary’s help, they can’t make financial constraints a reason for not moving to the city anymore.

Mid-America Truck Show To Bring In Hundreds Of Tourists

TrucksHeld every year in Louisville, KY the Mid-America truck show is the perfect chance for manufacturers to show off their new products and for tourists and truckers to see what is about to come on the market over the course of the next 12 months.

The show has been going steady since the 1970s and is one of the largest in the country. Indeed it seems thousands of visitors descend on the city every year and it runs annually at the end of March. One area that has seen massive growth and increased exposure at the truck show every year has been truck wheels and in 2014 new BMF Wheels are expected to be on show.

While the event has grown massively in the last decade or so to one of the biggest in the country it has still tried to remain personal and intimate. Manufacturing representatives and high level employee’s tend to be approachable at the event which is a marked difference from normal expos.

For tourists heading to the event for the first time then the Mid-American Truck Show is very accessible from virtually all parts of the country as well as internationally too. It is served by the Louisville International Airport (SDF) which is only a few miles away from where the show is held so regardless of whether you are coming from within the state or outside the country it is easy to get to.

Indeed the event has seen a large increase in tourists in recent years and many come from outside the USA. The awareness of the growth of the event has undoubtedly given rise to this and while many are business tourists in the sense that they work in the trucking industry, some simply come along for expo which features a whole host of different events besides the showcasing of new products.

The Mid-America Truck Show is a representation of the increase in this kind of event and the rise of tourists in general across the country. While a couple of decades ago these events were very much confined to those who were working in the industry and even for those people just in the locale however now they have become international tourist attractions. Even though you can’t just turn up without first having to register the process is easy and straightforward.

It is expected that the 2014 Mid-America Truck Show is going to be one of the biggest yet in the expo’s history. Not just for the amount of manufacturers and leading names that are attending and events that are happening but for the number of tourists who are going to descend on Louisville. In fact it is expected that the city is going to benefit greatly from hosting the event with hotels already booked out in many places and bars and restaurants already sorting out extra hours to suit demand.

The city might not be a hub for tourism in general however every year the end of May it certainly is. With the event expected to grow again in 2015 and beyond it looks as if the city of Louisville is just another location that is benefiting from increased tourism across the country.

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Best Places to Visit When You’re In Cambodia

siemIf you’re looking for a place to unwind and be surrounded by culture and ethnicity, Cambodia is the place to be. I’ve been there thrice already and each visit was very memorable. I was able to check out lots of temples and tried all that my stomach could dare. Although I skipped the eating of fried tarantula and crickets, I was able to have a very fun and exciting adventure and I can’t wait for the fourth repeat of going there. If you’re planning to check out Cambodia, here’s my set of highly recommended places to put on top of your list.


Angkor is located at Siem Reap, Cambodia. It’s one of the most visited places and it offers more than the temple wonders that most people think. The Angkor sunrise is what I wanted to see when I first visited the pace. I just wondered why many people loved it, and the moment the sun started to rise at around 5:30 AM, I can’t help but trap its beauty in my lens. The temple features superb remains of many capitals from the 9th to 15th century AD. The Babylon temple and the Angkor Wat temple are two of the most popular but there are so many temples in the place to check.

Ta Prohn

Another area in Siem Reap would be Ta Prohn which showcases another more natural version of “ancient.” It features crumbled walls and tree roots that make the place simply majestic. I went there with a friend Lawrence Jaeger or shall I say Lawrence D Jaeger, DO for he’s an expert dermatologist. For a moment we forgot everything about our professions and we embraced the wonders of dust in our feet and shade from the gigantic trees.

The Killing Fields

If you’re looking for something more creepy, the Killing Fields is a must visit place. Just outside Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh is the largest mass graves. In fact it’s considered the largest grave site in the entire Cambodia and an estimated count of more than 1 million Cambodian residents were executed in during the regime of Khmer Rouge. Its best to visit the place with a tour guide for aside from bones of human, it’s also filled with interesting historical stories that will surely increase the adrenaline in you as you continue your visit.

Koh Rong

If you’re tired of the heat and want to cool down, better visit Koh Rong, an island paradise that can be reached only by small ferry boats. You have about 23 beaches to choose from, all equally pristine and all worth to check. From hiking to diving, all these can be experienced depending on which visit you’re visiting. Affordable cocktails are also nearby the area and if you’re hungry, there are various foods to choose from. It’s best to try the exotic ones of course, but you can always stick to friend fruits like friend banana instead of fried crickets. I myself skipped it anyways; I don’t think I can have crickets and spiders in my tummy.

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Why London, Ontario’s Pervasive Mold Problem Isn’t a Big Deal

London, Ontario is one of the best places in the country. If there’s any one place I’d recommend people to move to, it would definitely be London. The city boasts an amazing community. In addition to this, its infrastructure rivals that of the most well-developed cities in the world. London might not be very popular among tourists, but is certainly considered one of the best cities in the world by most of the people who visit it.

Of course, despite the fact that London is such a great place, it also faces some problems like any other city in the world. One of London’s most pervasive problems happens to be mold growth. Due to the climate in the area, mold can easily grow in many homes in the city. Thankfully, though, despite mold growth being a big problem in the city, it is actually very easy to deal with. Thanks to the fact that there are so many mold contractors both within and without the area, mold growth is never a big problem for those who live in the city.

Despite mold growth being a common problem in the city, fatal allergic and asthma attacks that result from them are not that common. This is because virtually every member of the city’s community knows that they should call a mold removal contractor the minute they suspect the mold growth in their home to be significant. Mold removal contractors are typically quick to respond to requests from London’s citizens – this is because mold contractors consider London a hotspot when it comes to mold growth (London is such a hotspot for mold that there are even times when GTA mold contractors have to go out of their way just to service the homes of London’s residents).

Also, even though mold growth is a very common problem faced by London’s community, their daily routine is never disturbed when they get professional help. This is because mold remediation techniques have evolved in such a way that they are now non-disruptive. Gone are the days when mold removal contractors would immediately tear down walls the minute they suspect mold growth in a home to be significant. Now, they exhaust minimally invasive mold testing and removal methods first before they have to do that.

“Due to the fact that the level of humidity in my home is always high, I have to call a mold removal company often to deal with mold growth. It’s become routine already. Still, it doesn’t really get to me. The mold removal company that services my home uses the most efficient and non-disruptive mold testing and remediation methods. Also, they don’t really take a lot of time doing their job thanks to the fact that they use the latest mold removal technologies,” Michael Lanegan, a homeowner in London, told us.

Don’t let London’s pervasive mold problem deter you from moving to the area. It’s really just a minor problem you can deal with easily. Hiring the help of a mold remediation company isn’t going to cost you a lot, so it’s not really a major drawback. The city of London has a lot to offer when it comes to education, culture, science, etc. It’s definitely a city you would do well to consider moving to.

Tourism and Proper Waste Disposal and Management

wastedisposalTourism is one of the fastest growing industries, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue every year.  It has and continues to generate jobs, further strengthening the economy.  In terms of financial gains, the tourism sector definitely does not leave us wanting.  Despite the immense amount of money it brings in, the growth of tourism also has significant negative impact on the environment.

Because of access to more affordable means of travel, the number of people traveling has increased over the years.  With the influx of tourists and workers in the hospitality industry, it has been noted that total waste created also has considerably increased.  It is the responsibility of business owners, the government, and the community to find a balance in tourism and environmental protection.  Waste disposal and waste management remains a great challenge being face by many tourist destinations.  What used to be a problem that highly industrialized cities has now plagued small cities, towns, and countries that are sometimes unprepared in facing trash disposal issues.

Waste management is especially vital in areas that support eco-tourism or areas with natural landmarks as the fore attraction.  Who wants to visit a polluted beach, contaminated sea or a denuded forest?  The degradation of these landmarks means imminent decline of tourism.  This is disastrous for a place that is heavy reliant on the income created by the sector.  Serious environmental imbalance does not only affect the number of incoming travelers, job availability, income stream, and the economy but it also affects, directly or indirectly, other industries.

It is therefore imperative to adopt waste management practices in order to protect the environment and ensure lucrative tourism.  Other benefits include reduced cost of operations for facilities belonging to the different categories of the hospitality industry and improved environmental sustainability.

The growing amount of trash has pushed local governments and even private businesses to increase the number of rubbish bins and dumpsters to facilitate proper waste disposal and segregation.  There are businesses or communities where tourism is seasonal choose to rent instead of purchase dumpsters to mitigate the cost.  They rent equipment from rental companies, such as Pro Dumpster Rental, only during peak seasons or months.

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What Makes London, Ontario Such a Great Place

London, Ontario is certainly one of the best cities in the world. There are many things that make London such an amazing city, and one of these things happens to be its culture. Compared to its surrounding cities, London focuses more on education and culture. In fact, the economy of the city is most dependent on its education sector. Due to the fact that the city places so much on learning, it is not a surprise to find that most of its citizens are highly educated.

The community of London is very wonderful, and what makes it so is the fact that is it places so much importance on learning and open-mindedness. The community of London is always at the forefront of the newest developments in different fields. To live with the community of London means to constantly adapt to the newest cultural trends and technologies. Because the citizens of London are “early adopters” when it comes to the newest developments in science, technology, and culture, the citizens of London are able to take advantage of them very early, and this results in the being more well off compared to the communities of London’s surrounding cities.

For one, the citizens of London were among the first to take advantage of online trading. Many members of the city’s community were already making great profit off of binary options trading (see:, stocks trading, etc. during its earliest days. When it comes to most forms of online trading (binary options trading being one exception), early adopters tend to make more money. This is the case for many members of London’s community who happened to start online trading during its earliest days; they are now very rich. Whatever the case may be, what is certain is that due to the city and its community’s focus on learning and adaptation to new developments, the citizens are able to utilize them fully in order to significantly benefit their lives.

What’s great is that migrating to the city can cause people to adopt such an outlook. Many people who just moved to London now also place a great importance on adapting to the newest technologies fast and utilizing them to better their lives. One of these people is Sammy Cook. “I never really cared about culture and technology until I moved here. The community of London influenced me to become more of a “progressive.” I didn’t expect adopting such an outlook to improve my life significantly, but it did. Thanks to the influence of the city and its community, I now work with a banc de binary personal broker. Just by doing online trading with the brokerage, I am able to make at least a thousand dollars a month. The best part of binary options trading is that unlike other forms of trading, I can still make great money off it despite not being an early adopter. Thanks to the influence of London’s community, I am now much better off financially,” Cook told us.

Hopefully, what I have written here will prove insightful to many of my readers. If you are considering making a move to another city, you should definitely consider moving to London, Ontario. London, Ontario has such a great community that’s very supportive to migrants. Whether you’re just from another city in Canada or from another part of the world, you surely won’t regret moving to London,Ontario.


Visalia – A City Worth Visiting

visaliaCalifornia is indeed one rich state in the US, housing a mix of culture, modernization, friendly and hospitable people, and everything in between. But there’s one city in Cali that shouldn’t be scratched off your to-visit bucket list – Visalia. Settled in the agricultural valley of San Joaquin, Visalia is one of the most enriched and well-balanced places in California. Housing 124,442 people according to a 2010 census, this place is not only filled with crops, greens and fresh fruits and vegetables but it’s also home of many artists, making it a peaceful place bursting with creativity.

Laidback yet bustling, the main street in the city proper is filled with eateries, restos and all sorts of places where you can stop by for a couple of minutes to fill in your tummy. The famous Fox Theater is also there which serves one of the common attractions in the heart of the city. What’s great about the place is that people don’t really like to just stay at home, be a couch potato and watch TV day and night. During spring, fall and summer nights, you will find lots of people either strolling in the streets and dining in up-scale or casual eateries or heading to a specific place to set up and play their music. Speaking of music, Visilia is not a one-rhythm place; it houses various local musicians from Jazz players to rock ‘n roll bands. Plus, it’s a much disciplined city with curfew on beer and wine.

Museums, parks and other recreational areas are also sprouting everywhere. In fact, many liposuction Visalia based specialists are being welcomed and most lipo clinics in the place are visited not only by the locals but also tourists who have checked the website and discovered that there are many highly reputable health experts in the place. Moreover, Visilia also boasts the ImagineU Interactive Children’s Museum filled with fun exhibits that will surely tickle your child’s playful mind. It’s also open to catering parties thus, if you’re planning to celebrate your child’s birthday in this city, the ImagineU is definitely the place to be. There’s also the Visalia Adventure Park if you want something for the teens and the grownups. Although there are activities for the kids, most of their attractions are for teenagers like the lazer tag, miniature golf, arcade and bumper boats.

This economically successful city is also the home for many art galleries, one of which is the Arts Visalia in East Oak Avenue. It showcases and displays various paintings done by adults and kids. It also offers art programs for artists at heart of all ages. Aside from Arts Visalia, there’s also the garden street studio, perfect for all who wants to be creative and be one with nature. Mosaic, jewelry making, and many other mixed media arts are supported in this place and it’s truly a must-visit spot in the city. So if you want to enhance your child’s creativity or if you want to simply enjoy sipping coffee and listening to various music, Visalia California one tourism spot that won’t fail you.

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The Beauty of the Cayman Islands

Window into Aitutaki ParadiseThe Cayman Islands is currently the number 1 tourist destination in the Caribbean. There are many factors that contributed to this, but they all boil down to a single fact: that the beauty of the Cayman Islands is unique. The Cayman Islands offers many things to tourists that other islands in the Caribbean don’t, and this is actually the reason why I am writing this post. By writing this post, I hope to point out some of the unique beautiful features of the Cayman Islands. Hopefully, what I write here will prove helpful to everyone who is considering having a vacation in the British overseas territory.

One of the things that make the Cayman Islands so beautiful is its many amazing dive spots. Other Caribbean islands may also boast blue skies and beautiful beaches, but they don’t exactly have dive spots as amazing as the Cayman Islands’. The Cayman Islands has many beautiful coral reefs which house a variety of sea-dwelling creatures; swimming along these coral reefs makes for a very amazing experience that someone can only get in the territory. It goes without saying that the tourism industry of the country realizes this, and so they are making efforts to preserve the integrity of the reefs. Without the reefs and the life teeming in them, the Cayman Islands would lose much of its unique beauty.

Of course, the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands isn’t the only thing that makes it a beautiful place. The Cayman Islands’ urban areas also have much to offer to tourists. From the Cayman Islands’ many restaurants and bars to the Kenneth Dart shopping centres (, tourists who desire a more urban experience will surely find what they’re looking for. Despite being an island territory, the Cayman Islands urban centres offer an experience comparable to the one offered by the major metropolitan areas of the world’s biggest nations.

From the Cayman Islands’ pristine dive spots to the grand cayman shopping centres (, one will surely have a great time. Most will surmise that the unique beauty of the Cayman Islands’ lies in the fact that its mix of island and city life is perfect – this is definitely true. While it might not be the sole reason for the Cayman Islands being one of the best tourist spots in the world, one cannot argue with the fact that the Cayman Islands offers a rich experience to tourists due to its rich urban and island life.

Hopefully, what I’ve written here will prove helpful to the many people out there who are considering having a vacation in the Cayman Islands. There really is no place on Earth like the territory, every tourist who visits the islands ends up saying to themselves that they should’ve visited the territory sooner. This post is not enough to tell everyone of all the amazing things the Cayman Islands has to offer, people would do well to just go the islands and find out their beauty for themselves. I guarantee you, it is going to be a worthwhile experience.

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English to English Translations

Translation There can still be a language barrier even among fellow native English speakers. Any Englishman in New York, American in London, or Australian in Toronto can attest to that. With any type of distance — geographical, socio-economical, educational, professional — there always comes a certain cultural divide, and culture has a way of imposing its own unique spin on language, creating various regional accents, dialects, and sub-culture jargons. This is why the English heard on BBC news sounds different from that in East End, and why Bostonians sound different from New Yorkers and Texans. This is also why gangsta rappers, computer geeks, physicians, and football fans seem to speak totally different languages altogether, that a regular chap might need translation services.

Consider British and American English. The rules of grammar are the same, but there are some differences in spelling. Examples would be words such as “analyze” and “sympathize” are spelled with a “z” in the US, are spelled with a “z” in the UK — “analyse” and “sympathise”. “Color” and “honor” become “colour” and “honour”. “Liter” becomes “litre”, and “center” becomes “centre”.

Aside from the spelling peculiarities, there are subtle differences in vocabulary too. Sometimes it would not affect comprehension at all. Mathematics is shortened as “math” by Americans but “maths” by the British. A restaurant server in either country would understand when a customer asks for the “bill” as well as for the “check”. But sometimes the differences could lead to inconvenient misunderstandings. An American guy who orders some chips in an English pub would end up getting what he would call “fries”, while a British guy who orders a muffin in an American café would be brought something that looks like a heavier, denser version of a cupcake, instead of a small round bread that’s been split in half and toasted. A “vest” would be something worn on top of a shirt in America, but in the UK would be found strictly in the men’s underwear section. If one is sued, one would need a lawyer in the US and a barrister in the UK. These differences demonstrate that translation services should be able to translate text specifically to either US or UK English.

Here are other lexical differences worth noting:

US English

British English













garbage, trash






truck, semi




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Locals from London are starting to carry Spearguns for Sale?

speargunMany local residents are shocked to see that a new water sport is taking London by storm and suddenly shops that have Spearguns for sale are popping  up all over the place. It’s called Spearfishing and many are surprised you can do it right in their own backyard.   Better yet, tourist from the interior of Canada are flowing in to freediving and spear both Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.

Lots of people are falling in love with the physical challenges that this sport provides. Many are happy to report that they are losing lots of weight and making friends from their new found hobby. We sat down with the owner of, a man who prefers to go by his first name Scott,  and asked him to explain what has been happening with this new sport.

According to Scott, the sport has actually been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  It dates back to primal man and has been a competitive sport for years in Europe. Now it is making its way to North American and it is making a big splash. In the past many thought you had to go to the open sea or warm weather places to Spearfish. This could not be any further from the truth. Apparently many of his customers live all over the United States and Canada, including some places you would never think of such as Wisconsin, USA.

However do not be surprised if you have to be a bit bold to really catch the big fish. Many locals will actually wait for the ice to freeze over, break holes in the ice, set lines to find their way back, followed by diving in and coming back with dinner.

Wondering how they dive in such cold conditions? Well its easy, they wear new and advance spearfishing wetsuits that are available in his store in a number of different thicknesses.  The reason why you can dive in this type cold weather is that they actually do not come with any zippers. This way the water that gets into the suit and stays in. In older or less advance suits, the water will actually flow in and out of the suit. This means you’ll be constantly washed with freezing cold water.

Another tool of the trade worth mentioning is what you will need to catch those fish. As you may of guessed Spearguns for sale from Just Spearfishing are also available for purchase.  If you do decide to get one for the local fishing spot, Scott recommends on that is only around 75cm-100cm in length. The reason for this is that you do not need guns that are intended for open water fishing. Mainly because the visibility is often not as clear in the lakes compared to that of the deep ocean.

Scott also quickly pointed out that Spearfishing off the cost in our lakes has one key advantage. You do not have to worry about shark attacks or one of them steeling your catch. Frankly, after that comment this writer is not sure she could ever Spearfish anywhere else.

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